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Reese Hurley 

and Julie Crain

Reese Hurley has been traveling with ICR for over 20 years praying for people and ministering love everywhere they go. He has prayed for thousands of people in third world countries and has seen numerous people healed and receive salvation. The prayer ministry is not just something he does, it is at the heart of who he is. Students and support staff members are given the opportunity to work alongside Reese in the prayer station and have encountered God in amazing ways on the mission field.


Julie Crain has ministered alongside Reese Hurley on the mission field and at home answering the call to pray for healing and breakthrough and experiencing God’s power through prayer. Her heart is for people to receive healing physically, emotionally and spiritually and to walk in freedom. Not only has she seen God perform miracles in the prayer station but also through women’s ministry. 

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