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Medical Students

Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Are you a student in a medical field?

2.    Do you want hands on experience?

3.    Need something to push you into a discipline?

4.    Longing for a fast pace working/ learning environment?

5.    Looking to learn outside of the box?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ICR has a trip for you!


ICR offers a unique opportunity to put your medical/dental education into immediate service. Through ICR you will have the privilege of bringing hope, healing and encouragement to the “least of these” throughout the world. The unity and collaboration among your peers that you experience will ignite your life with a new passion for Christ, your classmates, and the practice of medicine/dentistry or any other career that comes to be.

All students, whether graduate or undergraduate, the same can be true for you. no matter what level or field you are in God will turn up the fire in your life.

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