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Medical Clinics

Organization of clinics are key to ensuring each patient is cared for and is ministered to in the best way possible.  After they are welcomed in triage and their concerns are noted, students take their vitals and prepare them to be interviewed and examined.  With the help of translators, students then proceed to practice their skills in diagnosing patients’ concerns and devising a treatment plan including care for their physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Some specific interventions commonly provided in the clinic stations include prayer, counselling, musculoskeletal injections, and minor surgical procedures. Patients are then provided prescriptions for additional interventions at subsequent student-run stations including osteopathic manipulative therapy, ophthalmology, and pharmacy.  Most importantly before patients leave, they receive special love and attention through women’s ministry and prayer ministry which highlights once again for students the importance of seeing beyond bodily illness to the true needs of each person. All along the way there are unique opportunities for connection with the patients and the real world experience that students in the thick of their training both crave and require to further their education.

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