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Ecuador May/ June 2019

Summer time and God’s vision is simple. Help those where God sends us!

We have had some great trips so far this year! We still have a few more international locations scheduled this year. In addition, we are out in the field locally in North Carolina weekly. 

President Dr. Joseph Cacioppo has a few words about our last trip to Ecuador:

God has been so great. Since the first of the year He has led us to the Dominican Republic and back to Ecuador. In the DR just outside Santo Domingo working with Open Door Ministries, we served those who have been rejected by all others and have been forced to live in the city landfill. We cared for 900 patients. 

In May/June we returned to the Amazon River Basin working in Sacha, Ecuador. The Ecuadorians are such wonderful people. We led 15 medical students plus an additional 15 medical and non-medical staff and spent 10 wonderful days serving 6 different impoverished communities, treating 985 adults and children. Through this encounter 40 came to a salving knowledge of Christ and will have continued discipleship from the local ministry.

Please consider joining us on one of our upcoming trips:

•  Guatemala- September 28- October 5, 2019

• Dominican Republic- December 2019

Have you ever thought about going on a trip and just can’t make it work within your schedule and busy life? However, you still want to help “in the field”? We have the perfect solution for you! You may sponsor a support staff volunteer to go into the field to serve in countless ways. Let us know if this is something you may be considering so we may help you be a blessing to so many! 

Be sure to check back often for more news and photos!

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